Pals Shirt Presented To Royal Hants Regimental Museum

A Pompey Pals commemorative shirt has been presented to the Royal Hampshire Regimental Museum in Winchester by representatives from Pompey Pals and Portsmouth FC. 

Chris Pennycook on behalf of Pompey Pals presented the shirt to Lt Colonel Colin Bulleid of the museum, along with a commemorative bottle of Pompey Pals Ale.

The football club were represented by 95-year-old John Jenkins, a Normandy veteran from World War II and part of the Royal Hampshire Regiment for 22 years who went to his first Pompey game in 1928, as well as Pompey ambassador Alan Knight and Supporters Liaison Officer Johnny Moore.

Also present on behalf of the Pompey Pals were Mike Hill and Paul Stone.

The special edition shirt presented has the badge of the Pompey Pals Project embroidered onto the right sleeve. Around the club badge ‘Pompey Remembers’ has been included, with some of the battles in which the battalions fought underneath.

Pompey fan Bob Beech, chair of the Pompey Pals Project said: “We were delighted to present the special edition of this seasons Pompey shirt to the Royal Hampshire Regiment museum in Winchester.

Fratton Park was one of the recruiting centres for the First World War signing up soldiers for the 14th and 15th battalions of the Hampshire Regiment.

The Pompey Pals shirt was launched at the start of the current season to remember the 100th anniversary of Britain’s declaration of war with Germany in 1914.

Pompey Pals hope to announce soon a new home in the city for their visitor centre.

Photo credit: Pompey Pals/Portsmouth FC

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