About Us

PompeyNewsNow started on Twitter in July 2013 providing the latest news, views and information on Portsmouth FC (1st Team, Reserves, Academy, Ladies and Pompey ITC) across the various media sources. We are also on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube amongst other social media platforms.

As well as Pompey, we support our local non-league football teams in and around the Portsmouth area and regularly share details of their fixtures, results and key updates.

We’ve developed across social media with regular and positive engagement. This website supplements our social media presence to provide news and blogs of interest including Pompey Academy, Pompey History events and Pompey Pals.

Feel free to email pompeynewsnow@gmail.com if you’d like your blog published here, would like to help with graphics or website design, or have any questions or feedback.

Thanks for your support. Play up Pompey!