Pompey’s Redemption Story Is One To Watch – Now At Bargain Price

For football fans looking for their latest fix of the beautiful game as the Covid-19 pandemic wreaks havoc with the fixture list, they could do far worse than watch Our Club – the uplifting tale of how fans of Portsmouth saved their club against all the odds.

And to recognise the fact football fans are currently starved of original sports content, the independent production team behind the full-length documentary have slashed the cost of streaming the film for the rest of April and have left the streaming window for subscribers open for a full 30 days.

Narrated by renowned sports broadcaster and Pompey fan Ian Darke, the film charts Pompey’s descent from the highs of winning the FA Cup in 2008 through a double administration, more than £100m of debt and a raft of dodgy owners which left the club high and dry in League 2 by 2013, having been docked a total of 29 league points in the process.

But no one quite realised just how far the fans were prepared to go to save their club. Led by the Pompey Supporters’ Trust and backed by some individual wealthy fans, together they raised more than £5m to wrest their club back from the brink. And not only that, guide it back to the good times.

For just £3.99, instead of the previous price of £5.99, the film can be viewed from Friday April 10 on demand using the Vimeo platform. Watch Our Club Online . To take advantage of this offer, individuals will need to enter the code: COVIDAPRIL

In addition more than an hour of previously unseen footage of key protagonists will be made available as part of the package, featuring full-length interviews with, among others, former CEO Peter Storrie, former owner Balram Chainrai and club kit manager Kev McCormack, who lived and worked through the entire story.These interviews will be added weekly over the course of the 30-day window the on demand stream is open.

A full interview with John Jenkins MBE, the club’s Boardroom Steward, who died aged 100 in November 2019, is already available to view freely here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/ourclub/380178901

The film’s Director Barnaby Fox said: “I am a Crystal Palace fan but I was always fascinated by the Pompey story so as a film-maker, when I reached out to the club back in 2014 I was delighted when they agreed to let me start filming.

“Working with Colin Farmery, who was involved in the community takeover before working for the new community-owned club, we set about piecing together how it all went wrong, but ultimately right for the club. In the end we interviewed almost fifty people, each with a unique perspective on the tale.

“Colin, who came on board as an executive producer, also gave me a considerable degree of editorial freedom, as he felt an outside eye would help give the story more depth. It’s important to stress though this has been a completely independent production.

“While the club has been hugely cooperative, in the end this film has been funded by me personally and then Pompey fan Ian Silvester, who came into rescue the project 18 months ago, when it looked like it would never see the light of day after a broadcast deal fell through.”

Our Club was launched to critical acclaim in cinemas in the Portsmouth area in the summer of 2019. A successful DVD was produced for the Christmas market and the film can be bought on download at Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

But Fox believes the film has a wider audience than simply Pompey fans.

“This is the footballing story of our times. Big names, big business and big debt. But ultimately it is a redemption story. A tale of how the little guys, with enough drive and determination and, above all, a plan can do extraordinary things.

“With football being put into perspective by this pandemic, this film is also a healthy reality check on the excesses of the game, as well as a reaffirmation of its central role in our culture and community.”

“We want to make this film as affordable as possible and accessible to as many fans as possible,” he added.

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