Matt Taylor exclusive: My dream and intention is to coach

Former Pompey player Matt Taylor has outlined the next step in his career after retiring from football.

It can be a difficult transition for players when they finish their playing careers and start the next chapter in life. Many players have not thought about life after football however, there are exceptions.

For those players who have planned to take the step into coaching, there has never been a better time to do so than the present. The success of Frank Lampard at Derby, Steven Gerrard at Rangers and Lee Bowyer at Charlton has set a precedent for forward-thinking players to jump straight into coaching and management. Football league clubs are less hesitant to roll the dice on a young manager who can relate to the squad, rather than opting for an experienced manager that has been bouncing around the leagues with the same approach.

It is no coincidence that young managers have found success behind the bench. Frank Lampard has utilised his contacts at Chelsea to help build a young, dynamic team who just missed out on promotion in the Championship play-off final this year against Aston Villa.

Matt Taylor has played for clubs in all four divisions including Pompey, West Ham and Luton. Taylor’s resume will be an attractive proposition for a club looking to hire a young up and coming manager.

37-year old Taylor who spent six-seasons with Pompey will almost certainly be on the radar of several clubs looking to hire a young manager, who can inspire a youth movement and modernise the club’s culture.

Matt Taylor, speaking exclusively to 888sport said “I finish my pro-license next month and I’m actively looking for my next step in my journey. Ideally, I’d love that to be in coaching. Having amassed the experience under the different managers I have done means I have a lot to pass on and I have a lot to learn. I’m acutely aware of that. As a player to get to the top I worked harder than anybody else and that’s what I’m prepared to do should the opportunity arises to maybe be a coach. I also thoroughly enjoy the media but in an ideal world I will coach.”

“I don’t know what is around the corner for me at the moment but what I do know is that I had a wonderful twenty-year career and I enjoyed every moment. Achieved a lot and when I look back I’m very proud of it.”

Read the full 888sport interview with Matt Taylor and his thoughts on why Kanu was the best Pompey player that he played with

Hugh Bunce

Feature image – @Official_MattT

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