View from the Milton End

New PompeyNewsNow writer Heather Wild shares her perspective on being a home fan in the Milton End, following Pompey’s 4-1 win against Rochdale.

The Milton End is not everyone’s first choice, especially as tickets are not often released until a week before the game. However, it is definitely an area that should not be dismissed.

It’s perfect for those who don’t like the crowdedness of the Fratton End or the height of the upper stands. You also get the added bonus of being close to the away fans!

When I first came to Fratton Park, someone told me that if you want atmosphere, then you need to go to the Fratton End, but I do not agree. You do not feel the beat of the drum or hear the ringing of the bell (which I’m sure some of you may prefer). However, there are a couple of clusters of noisier fans who like to get the crowd going. Today was especially special as a gentleman kindly shouted out the Coventry v Sunderland scores, which was met with cheering and clapping.

We were lucky enough to see two Portsmouth goals right in front of us. First, a stunning header by Oli Hawkins slammed into the top corner. Then just before half-time, a confident penalty taken by our captain Brett Pitman doubled Pompey’s lead. The crowd in the Milton End roars when the goals go in, somehow you feel as if you need to be louder as there are less of you then other stands!

Rochdale’s goal was also scored at our end. The defence went missing and I don’t think Craig MacGillivray stood a chance, as the ball went in between his legs.

It was an excellent performance by Pompey and I am excited to see what the rest of the season holds.

If you have left it late to buy a ticket, I really recommend the Milton End. It is suitable for all the family and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll see a result like we saw on Saturday against Rochdale.

Feature Image: Heather Wild

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