Team Mates: Christian Burgess

Pompey defender Christian Burgess provides a lowdown on some of his team mates. Read on to find out who in his view has the worst tattoo, hates spending money, will make the best manager and more. 

Best mate at the club?

I would probably say Gareth Evans, seeing as we’ve been together for four years now. I know Gaz the best and he’s the one I see most off the pitch.

Last to buy dinner?

Jamal Lowe – he’s hands down the tightest man in football. He hates spending money. He spends all his money on trainers but not on anyone else. You even have to chase him for days to get money for charity.

The FIFA king?

There’s a group of boys who play a lot. Oli Hawkins plays a lot with Anton Walkes and Ronan Curtis, and there are a few others that play Call of Duty.

Worst dressed?

The boys would probably say me because I’m the most normal but I’d say Oli Hawkins. Jamal Lowe is a close second. He came in the other day with some sort of bumbag around his shoulder, which was disgraceful. That deserves a mention but, overall, it’s Oli Hawkins. He comes in with all sorts of stuff. Nothing ever touches the floor, either – it’s always up to his shins.

The pre-match dressing room DJ?

That’s Jamal Lowe, to be fair to him. He has got better but it’s not the best. A few of the boys wear headphones to block it out. He plays a lot of R&B, rap and a little bit of grime, but then he sticks on the odd popular rock song for the likes of me, really – mainly because me and a couple of the other lads complain constantly.

Late for training?

The boys are generally quite good. I do the fines, so I’d know, but Brandon Haunstrup just sleeps in. He always turns his alarm off and just sleeps through it. He was quite late the other day for the bus on a match day. He’s done it a couple of times.

Teacher’s pet?

Oh, I can’t say that! There is a golden candidate but I dare not say. It might be too true.

First on the dancefloor?

Ronan Curtis – I’ve seen his dancing and it’s horrific. It’s embarrassing but to be fair to him, he has a go. I’ve seen Anton Walkes have a go as well. Sometimes, we’ll do goal celebrations with Jamal Lowe. The main person is Ronan Curtis though – he loves it.

Most likely to disgrace themselves at the Christmas party?

Ronan’s up there but I’ll give this one to Lee Brown. I don’t think he goes out a lot. He’s got a wife and kids, so if he does, he’ll make the most of it.

The worst tattoo?

There’s been so many candidates over the years since I’ve been here. Anton Walkes has a tattoo of Jesus on his arm and it looks just like me when I’ve got my hair down.

Going to make the best manager?

Not many of them but I think Brett Pitman – he fancies himself to go that way after his career is over. The gaffer (Kenny Jackett) has even touted him to be a manager. He actually got him to give our half-time team talk in one of the early rounds of the Checkatrade Trophy.

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Photo: Losing My Sight

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