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Hugh: Can you tell Pompey fans a little about how you cover Gillingham?

Matt: Gills In The Blood have a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram page, and we have been running the YouTube Channel “GITBTV” since February 2017. We run three regular features on there plus additional vlogs if the time/need arises.

Hugh: How long have you been supporting Gillingham and what got you into the Gills?

Matt: My first game was in 1989, and I started going regularly in the mid-1990’s. In terms of what got me into it properly, it was probably the fact we are the only league side in Kent and also it was affordable as a teenage kid. Train, ticket, programme and food for about a tenner, not like today.

Hugh: It has been a tough start to the season for Gillingham, who are currently 21st in League One. Did you expect your team to struggle before the season started?

Matt: Honestly, no I did not see us struggling. After the first few games, everything was very positive. But as everyone in the game knows, you don’t get points for playing well, and the bottom line is we are where we are because we’ve not won since August.

Hugh: Who are the main Gillingham players Pompey fans should worry about?

Matt: Regan Charles-Cook and Brandon Hanlan have both been impressive since arriving in the summer. They both offer plenty of pace, power and trickery and they link up with an understanding that makes it clear they’ve played together since they were kids. Tom Eaves will cause you a different type of problem if selected, and despite not getting much game time due to injuries so far, I’m sure you all remember Conor Wilkinson from last season.


Hugh: If you could steal two players from the Pompey squad, who would you choose and why?

Matt: Jamal Lowe impressed me at Fratton Park last season and has started this term superbly, and in truth, there’s a few as well as him that I wouldn’t turn down.

Hugh: How has Steve Lovell set up tactically this season? Would you do anything differently?

Matt: For me he’s been far too stubborn with his system, sticking to a diamond in midfield despite us seemingly being found out when playing that way. On top of that, he’s played players out of position a fair amount in order to accommodate certain formations. I guess that’s what happens when struggling, the judgement can become clouded somewhat.

Hugh: What formation have you been playing this season? Do you expect this to be deployed against Pompey?

Matt: Primarily the diamond, but we’ve also seen versions of 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1 and 4-4-2. I would imagine it will be one (or all of them as he has a penchant for switching more than once during a game) of those that you will see at Fratton Park.

Hugh: What is your aim for the season and how do you expect Pompey to do?

Matt: I still feel we have a squad that shouldn’t be down where we currently are, but we all know too well how hard it can be when you’re in a poor run of form. However, I’ll stick to my pre-season prediction of the safety of mid-table. In terms of Pompey, I said in my season preview video they would finish 3rd and I’ve seen nothing to dissuade me from thinking they’ll be there or thereabouts come May.

Hugh: Lastly, what is your match prediction?

Matt: I would love to be super confident about our chances, but simply cannot be due to our current form. I don’t like predicting defeats but I’ll go for a 2-1 Portsmouth win and then hope my prediction is as good as my betting record.

Hugh Bunce: @puckdropuk

Matt Boosey: @GillsInTheBlood 

Feature Image: Joe Pepler

Team Image:  PompeyNewsNow

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