Is This The Real Life Or Is This Just Fantasy?

Saturday night after the oh so sweet victory over Plymouth and those words from Freddie Mercury continued to echo in my mind as I reflected on the Pompey performance.

At last do we really have a mature, experienced and commanding goalkeeper in MacGillivray that our defence clearly has such confidence in?

Can there be a better central defensive pairing in the league than our Jack and our Matt?

Was adding the massive experience and muscle (over 250 games each) of Naylor and Brown to the midfield and full back positions respectively a master-stroke by Mr Jackett?

Have we somehow, after all those seasons of trying, unearthed a diamond of a winger in Curtis, full of assists and goals, from the Irish League of all places?

Did I really see a proper target man up front in Hawkins, not only a towering presence bullying the opposition’s defence, but also one so strong in the air, and then to add to that one who could hold the ball up and bring other players into play so adroitly?

After proving his value last season at full-back and in midfield, is there no limit to Evans’ versatility as he now makes a strong claim for the Number 10 spot, through his strong running with the ball and finishing?

And what about Ben Thompson, perhaps not the revelation he was on his home debut, but still going some way to proving that perhaps we can do without Danny Rose and Ben Close.

After bursting onto the scene last season so impressively, Lowe is showing no sign of the dreaded ‘second season syndrome’ and we can expect him to improve his goals/assists tally.

Beside all those positive reflections, it was also heartening for me to see us, for possibly the first time this season, building up from the back with MacGillivray passing short to nearby defenders rather than kicking long.

Was that just a one-off for last Saturday? It seemed to fly in the face of our tactics in the other games, but was most welcome in my eyes.

It remains for us to discover in the coming weeks, was that display last Saturday ‘the real life’ and what we can expect to see more of this season, or just fantasy?

Peter Jeffs

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