Pompey Memes At AFC Wimbledon

It seems every time I buy a train ticket no sod checks it, I just know the one time I don’t buy one, some idiot will slap me with a hefty fine. 


As you may have guess I got the train up, only to Petersfield where the journey to Kingsmeadow continued up the A3 where 5 of us would all convene together.

Arriving at the ground less than an hour after leaving the train the first steward we encountered at the ground took a relaxed approach to parking, telling us “You can park wherever you like” – free I might add.

This was around about brunch time. I heard from other fans that they started to turn away Pompey fans seeking parking nearing kick off, most likely due to full capacity.

AFC Wimbledon has got to be one of the best away days. Very friendly club, fans and staff and it’s only up the road! I have a soft spot for the real Dons and I can’t wait to abuse Milton Keynes once we play there.

As mentioned, brunch time. Fat Boy’s Cafe on the high street certainly had the right name. What was also nice was that it was very welcoming to both home and away fans.


The portion sizes were huge. For example, the orange juice I ordered arrived in a pint bottle that the milkman use to bring round.


The breakfast itself certainly filled me up. However I was craving some alcoholic liquid…

After uniting with the rest of our crew we headed to the Bricklayers Pub about 10 minutes away, since we were refused entry to the clubhouse for being “away fans”.

Hard to understand their reasoning as a Pompey fan walked out seconds later to light up a fag.

However, the Bricklayers was a perfect substitute, not too busy, full of Pompey and have multiple games being screened for viewing. One being streamed from a mobile phone but I’m grateful they did.

With beers in our bellies we left the pub at about 14:00 and strolled back to the stadium in the sun. At this time I felt overdressed in jeans and a jacket.

Digressing, why can’t our fans work out what colour kit we’ll play in? Numerous fans were wearing the Navy/Pink kit because they believed it’s what Pompey would wear despite the fact that Wimbledon play in Blue. Just saying it’s not hard to work out we’d be in white.

I think the steward at the away end fancied me a bit. He had his fingers in pockets I never knew I had and he took about a minute to give me a full body search, whereas my mates were frisked and through the turnstile in seconds. Fortunately I left with my cherry intact.

If ever The Dons head back to their previous location I’m sure their ground can instantly be turned into a huge bike shed, as it felt like we were stood in one for 90 minutes.

Before I forget, the Dons fans were non-existent. The only time they perked up was at half-time when there was a bit of friction between the two sets of players when Hawkins was involved in his second head injury within a week.

Taking our place midway along one of the halves, just to the side of the away dugout we looked out a our pretty decent view. Which lasted all of five f****** minutes before some nob with a bell rocked up.

Ironically we noticed someone had dropped a roll on deodorant elsewhere in the ground. If only we kept hold of it, we could have passed it on to some of the Fratton faithful who neglected to wash that morning.

Luckily the rain poured in second half and certain fans were able to get a wash. “John Westwood, he’s having a bath” rang out.


It was pretty hard to see the corners of the touchline closest to us due to the way the terrace was erected.

Even though we always stand it’s sometime nice to have the option of a seat. My hamstrings are still screaming after we were sardined up for nearly two hours in there.


Utter shit – if you’ll pardon the pun. I know their ground is basically a garden shed but they were awful. No locks, no bog roll and only 3 cubicles meaning I’m giving AFC Wimbledon’s crappers a 3/10.

Hammers and Doncaster stickers spotted.

I always forget little things to write when I come to write it so I’m sorry if you feel this is lacking details. I’ll briefly speak about the match.

The atmosphere was quality. Ollie Hawkins doesn’t seem to have the luck with head injuries at the moment but I’m sure he’ll be happy with his Hokey Cokey chant he’s now got.

I refuse to sing Kyle Bennett’s song whilst he insists to wear that pineapple on top of his head. Someone cut it off please.

Kennedy was quality and the back four were solid. Do I need to say more? Read a match report.

It was a relief to get the win and we go again Tuesday. Any fair weather fans buying Northampton tickets since we won?

Leaving the ground it was nice to have a brief chat with Eric Eisner from his car as he queued to get out the car park as he was heading back to the U.S.

Ex captain Paul Robinson was booed as well as Barcham who were both called “f****** useless”. What happened to clapping Barcham off when he was last at Fratton Park with AFC?

Do people not remember how good Robbo was for us and his highly hd holds Pompey? No need to disrespect those two players who gave the club their all in times under achievement. Save the booing for Bradley.

In Kenny We Trust


PS Pompey fans, the bloke that waved after the “Eisner give us a wave chant” rang out, wasn’t Eisner. It was just some geezer on the phone in a hideous green shirt!


Photos: Official PFC / Pompey Memes

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