Matt Smith: View From The Fratton End

So our matchday started the same as always, a good breakfast in our local town centre, Jenny’s to be exact.I’m

When I say “our”, I refer to my best mate Dan Shaw and my lad Jack.

Brekkie done, it’s off to the shop to stock up on goodies, Haribo is normally the choice of the day, we added a few more bits this week, Wasabi Nuts made the day interesting. Usual fizzy pop for Jack and a couple of beers for the grown ups…as you do.

Pretty uneventful journey, highlight had to be Jack trying a wasabi nut…fair play to the lad, he done it.

The Rifle Club is our normal hangout ore match, this week was no different, few games of pool and setting the World straight is all very standard. A quick nip to Mac D’s to fill up my growing 10 year old (and to collect more of those bloody monopoly stickers) Back to the Rifle by which time our friend Lawrence Patrick had joined us. A very strange atmosphere in what is normally a busy and buzzing venue, it wasn’t all that busy and the noise was a low drone.

On to the ground, stopping to buy badges and the PUP mag for Jack. I never bother with programmes. No time for any refreshments so straight to our seats, we sit right in the back row in the Fratton End, right behind the goal. Questionable ticket holders to our left, a lot of kids always want to sit up there!

So the match…well for anyone reading this that was at at the game, all I can say is I share your pain along with the other 14,000.

Started brightly I thought for the first 10 minutes, but as always nothing to show for it.

The two goals we conceded summed up our defensive efforts all season, sit back and allow people to shoot and you’ll get stung. That’s exactly what happened, two cracking goals from the lad.

We dismissed the midfield all game with this ridiculous hoof ball, strikers will only score if the chances are created.

Nothing much left to say about the match, other than personally I fail to see anything in Nosworthy as a professional footballer, and the atmosphere wasn’t anything to write home about, very quiet and a wee scuffle in the Fratton End provided more entertainment than the game.

Journey home with a very bitter taste in our mouths, all trying to figure out where our problems lay, what can be done…the usual really.

You can follow Matt on Twitter at @Matt_Smith78. Interested in sharing your Pompey match day in a tweet/blog montage – photos, pub, build up, match itself (or not!)? Get in touch via Twitter @PompeyNewsNow or

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