TGFC Update – 125th Anniversary / Joe Michalczuk

Following the publication of the Tony Goodall Fans’ Conference meeting minutes there has been some adverse reaction to the news that Joe Michalczuk was working with the 125 committee to produce an archive of former player interviews.

The Pompey History Society was leading on this area of work and had editorial control of it. The Pompey Supporters’ Trust, which is represented on the 125 committee, was initially not opposed to the project’s overall goals and objectives.

However, in the light of representations from a number of individuals made to both PFC and the PST, the trust has decided it can no longer support the project and, in consequence, given the PST’s ongoing backing was a prerequisite, the 125 committee Chair has brought the association to an end.

The committee would like to thank Joe for his offer of a significant time and expertise commitment to the project which would have produced a significant archive for future historians.

Colin Farmery, Chair 125 committee

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