Pompey Chimes, Pompey Times

By Sam Stone

If you’re a nostalgic Pompey fan then this collection of memorabilia is certainly a read that will have you intrigued; it’s literally crammed with all things Pompey, both old and new.

By just looking at the front cover you can start to gauge the rich Pompey essence contained within.

A vintage jersey, an Alan Biley sticker, the Sports Mail from the 2008 FA Cup win and a Subbuteo figurine – it’s fair to say the it’s a clear microcosm of what is to come as you wind your way through Pompey based anecdotes.

As you journey through the ‘Pompey Chimes, Pompey Times – A Collection of Portsmouth FC Memories and Memorabillia’, you will begin to notice that every page is crammed full of stories, programmes and a host of other objects that are related to Fratton Park.

One aspect of this book that makes it unique is that every page is a new world of Pompey, completely unrelated to the previous, and likely to be different to the one you are about to turn onto.

The author’s baptism into football and the way he depicts it is a certain page that any football fan would relate to – not just the Fratton faithful.

The unexpected nature and being able to hop in and out of this book at any time makes it a relaxing read – even though every page jumps out at you with an assortment of Blue and White tales and pictures.

What was particularly enjoyable and suitable for Pompey of any age, was the lack of chronology. One minute you could be reading about the great Jimmy Dickinson the next page you could be seeing a player rating of the ‘great’ Brett Pitman – in all fairness he did bang a few in!

As a relatively young Pompey fan (23 – hope no offence caused!), I enjoyed the fact that I could recall moments such as Kanu scoring a penalty (when he was only 48), as well as learn from some rather funny stories from yesteryear – particular about them lot down the road.

Unless you are from the West side of the Hamble river, then this dynamic, colourful and rich collection of the best bits from Fratton Park, throughout the generations, is certainly suitable for anyone related to Pompey – and any football fan that doesn’t support a Premier League team in red and white stripes for that matter.


Available via conkereditions.co.uk, the Pompey shop, Waterstones and Amazon

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