Michael Brown Exclusive: Captaining Portsmouth and playing in the 2010 FA Cup final were my biggest honours in football

By Freddie Webb

Former Portsmouth captain Michael Brown said playing in the 2010 FA Cup final was his greatest footballing honour.

Speaking almost a decade after the final against Chelsea, the stalwart midfielder said both fixtures at Wembley that year were moments to live for.

“The game against Spurs was amazing and walking out for the cup final was also a bit special. They’re the occasions but for me it was great leading the Portsmouth team out when captain.

Photo: Pompey Press

“I was very proud and honoured to do that. I just thought it was a really good place to play football,” Brown said in an exclusive interview with 888sport.

Despite administration, a points deduction and being relegated from the Premier League, the Blues went on a magical FA Cup run under former-manager Avram Grant.

The defining moment for Pompey was the unexpected 2-0 victory over Harry Redknapp’s Tottenham Hotspur.

For Brown, this astonishing win over Spurs – who were playing in the Champions League with Gareth Bale and Luka Modric in the side – was one of the greatest feelings in football.

He said: “It was remarkable. It was such a surreal scenario. Nobody gave us an opportunity; no-one thought we could do it. In the build-up that week all the talk was whether Portsmouth would even be in existence.”

“I remember running towards the crowd when we scored the goals and you’ve never seen joy on people’s faces like it. That was one of the greatest feelings in football when we won that game. It was remarkable.”

The cup run was the bright spark in a period of uncertainty, where Portsmouth FC could have ceased to exist altogether.

Players and staff were not being paid as the club was being asset stripped by multiple ex-owners, many of which were later jailed for financial mismanagement.

Brown had to be a captain on and off the pitch, leading the negotiations between players and the PFA during Portsmouth’s brush with extinction.

The former-captain said even with the off-field problems, he gave everything for the shirt.

He said: “I gave my all even in adversity. When the doors were almost shut, we still did well on the pitch and reached cup finals.

“I think the bulk of Portsmouth supporters realise how much I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.”

Read the full 888sport interview with Michael Brown here.

Photo: Steve Bailey

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