The Derby conundrum

Having sifted through Twitter, I have noticed that since the draw against that lot down the road, there has understandably being a high volume of interest from various people. The problem lies in the capacity.  If everyone that wanted to go could go, I genuinely doubt there would be a stadium big enough to hold them. This is only hypothetical, so not to be taken literally.

So first things first, season ticket holders obviously get priority, then there is the choice of who comes next. Of course, a high percentage of people feel entitled to it for numerous reasons. X amount of games they have been to, how long they have supported the club, etc.

The fact is this, the ballot scheme didn’t work out so well. So they introduced the loyalty scheme for the cup matches. So if person A went to both, he or she should get priority. Person B went to one game, they should be the next in line.

There has been a lot of people bickering about it. “why should you go when you have not been to every game?” and things like that. Someone online @AshleyLadd10 said I should go because I have always putting up videos etc. Which I find extremely flattering.

Whether he was serious or not, I don’t deserve the ticket because I have not been in so long. As much as it as hard for me to say this, it wouldn’t sit right.

As a fan living abroad. I have not been to Fratton Park for a number of years. I understand how it is also when I lived in England as due to work commitments it was difficult to get there.

Some people will be feeling hard done by because they can’t go to every game because of work, family etc.

I know it sucks you can’t get a ticket, but don’t begrudge or insult (I have seen quite a few examples of this) someone that does have a different life and can go to every game. We are all fans of this wonderful club. This club that nearly ceased to exist 6 years ago.

Play up Pompey!

Greg – ‘WalkesThisWay’

Pompey have now confirmed ticket details for the Carabao Cup third round match:

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