Meet Greg

Hey guys. Greg here wanting to share a little about myself with how I got to be a Pompey fan, why I love the club, and what it’s like being a fan abroad.

Back when I was a child, my Grandmother used to take me to Portsmouth at least once a fortnight. We used to go by train from London, to the south coast as a treat for when I was good. More often I was good believe it or not!

One day on an exceptionally warm day, we could hear the crowd from the beach from Fratton Park. I asked her being the ever curious one “what’s that?” and she looked at me and smiled “That is Fratton Park.” I thought to myself, well they must play in a huge stadium….it’s so loud even from here.

I genuinely thought the stadium must have been the size of Old Trafford. I said to her “Can we go next week?” Without hesitation she said to me “Why not? It’s been a long time since I went to a match, and Elland Road is so far away.” She was a Leeds supporter as she was born and raised there.

Going forward five years and many visits later, my Grandma had sadly passed away, and I ending up getting my own place to live. I had a full time job at Tesco, was also studying three days a week, and took a second job that sole purpose was to fund my visits to Fratton Park.

I went to as many games as I could, however in 2014 decided to move to Germany. I felt like trying something different. With some basic German and a leap of faith, I decided that trying something new in a different country could be interesting, especially with it having a different language.

The hardest part for me was being away from Fratton Park. Since I moved here, I have been following Pompey in every way possible online.

Three seasons ago I subscribed to iFollow and contributed a lot to opinions and thoughts with communication to Niall, Bunky, and Scoop.

It was interesting hearing their opinions and having to wait for the highlights. Luckily enough the iFollow subscription changed to show all matches overseas. This opportunity gives me a chance to give a better insight on my contributions to discussions relating to the match.

I will confess now, I wear a Pompey shirt every single game day. Even when I have to work I wear my shirt to and from work. I always make a coffee 5 minutes before kick off and again at half time. Normally have a beer if we win. When we are playing late, just change the coffee ritual directly for beer.

To be honest, the final against Sunderland, I was having a beer or two. Unlike here, where the local teams are Hamburg and St Paul, drink no matter what time kick off is!

I am planning to visit Fratton Park again in the future. However, working in a hotel makes it very difficult due to unpredictable hours and the high cost. But I promise now. I will get there again. I look forward to meeting some of you there.

Are you a Pompey fan abroad? We would love to hear your story, match day rituals and memories of supporting from afar. Get in touch via email if you would like to share your blog.

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