Doncaster Verdict

Pompey slipped to their first home defeat of the season going down 2-1 to Doncaster Rovers. Carlo Fauds shares his post-match verdict. 

Donny were not as good as we made them look. They used the correct tactics early on though (rather like Oxford last season) by closing down early, put us under early pressure, and making us panic our way out of defence.

We should address our defensive problems – set pieces, communications and how to absorb and neutralize an early pressurising side. I thought Doyle looked poor today – passing and decisions and many of us were shocked it wasn’t him subbed for Langanzi.

Chaplin didn’t really get a look in due to the two BIG centre-halves and it was obvious by half-time that Cook should have replaced him with Smith as we needed the height and his ball winning from aerial balls going forward.

Alternatively, we could have supplemented Chaplin with the tall guy and gone two up front given we were 1-2 down. Roberts worked very hard and for me he was equal to Baker for MoM.

Lalkovic and Langanzi both added strength later in the second-half and Lalkovic was causing so many problems for them coming in from left wing. Several telling crosses too but unfortunately no Smith.

Langanzi impressed me the first time I saw him play at the Coventry game. He shows great calm and presence of mind.  He didn’t make a duff pass and was pivotal in the latter stages from holding midfield – a great prospect!

Shame we couldn’t just nick the draw. We certainly deserved at least that from our second half performance.

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